GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered

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Re: GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered

Beitrag  Szark am Di 23 Jun 2009 - 2:55

Tree - GoMe PhotoQuest Remembered Contest
The second Contest for the PhotoQuest Remembered is ready!!
Submissions for Images and Judging Requests will be accepted from today to July 17th!
Take your better Tree shot and submit it!
Click here to know how to Participate.
Or look at the already submitted Images clicking in one of the sections in the right hand menu of this page!

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GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered

Beitrag  Szark am Mi 20 Mai 2009 - 4:56

Hear ye! Hear Ye! Official GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered!!!

The PhotoQuest Remembered Image competition to celebrate the hugely successful In Cavern Photo Quest event is Open.

We need both Contestants and Judges!! All the instructions to participate in PhotoQuest Remembered can be found in our Tutorial, here.

Please follow the rules here.

Each monthly contest start will coincide with the issue of the Newspaper and run for approximately 3 weeks, with the last week (the 4th), prior to the next issue, for judging.
In order to participate, you will need an account at GoMe. Registration is quick, easy, and secure. Simply click here and follow the instructions.

The May contest 'Category' for all submitted images is STONE.

Deadline for submitting Images and Judging Requests: June 16th (we will close the doors in the late evening UTC time).

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